Why I Prefer Reading the Book Before Watching Its Movie

I recently read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It was one of those rare moments where I decided to read a book after watching it’s movie adaptation, and I still enjoyed it. After finishing the book, I started to wonder why I prefer to read books before watching their movie adaptations.

I think the preference stems from my dislike of re-reading books. I don’t get the same satisfaction of reading a book I know all the twists or surprises of as I do reading a book I go into blindly. The concept carries over to watching the movie before the book. There’s no intrigue when I know everything that is going to happen before it happens.

Why should I spend my time reading a book in which I know what happens already when I can be reading about a new story? I’m aware that books offer details that their movies fail to include or change completely. However, I’m a slow reader (a truly tragic quality for a book lover like me), so I need to be selective with which books I allot time to. I don’t mind watching the movie if I read the book before and enjoyed it because I’m not investing as much time. At that point, the movie is like a nice recap of what I read.

Also, I must confess that I get a kick out of being able to say that I read the book before watching its movie. I apologize – it’s the blasted hipster part of me.

It’s because of this preference that I haven’t finished reading classics like Harry Potter (I’ve been on the fifth book for almost five years — don’t hurt me, please) or The Chronicles of Narnia. Maybe one day when I have more time or interest, I won’t mind reading all the books I’ve disregarded because I had already watched their movies. Until then, I’ll stick to my hipster, plot-twist junkie ways and read the book before indulging in its movie.


What about you — do you prefer reading the book before or after watching its movie? Or does it not matter to you? Let me know what you think 😊.

2 thoughts on “Why I Prefer Reading the Book Before Watching Its Movie

  1. Ohhh I also loveeee reading book before seeing the movie! It’s A MUST 😛 for me it’s because I’d love to know the story and be able to say things like “I know what’s gonna happen next” to my friends or whoever it is I’m watching with hahaha but ahh I’m a massive re-reader! I reread books all the time 😛 great post!


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