Book Traveling Thursdays: My First Read of the Year

Book Traveling Thursday is weekly meme where you pick a book that fits the theme chosen by the Goodread’s group. Then, you share its different book covers from around the world according to several categories.

I’m pretty excited as this is my first Book Traveling Thursday post. I genuinely enjoy reading about other people’s picks, and memes are always nice in that they help me to discover new blogs. The posts are short, so I shouldn’t have trouble keeping up with this meme as my school year progresses.

The theme for this week is your first read of 2017. The first book I started and finished this year was The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee (Goodreads / My Review).

The original, my country’s (USA), and my favorite cover


Most editions of this book are basically the same as the cover above, the only change being the title’s language and sometimes font. They’re all lovely, but I really love how the title looks in this version.

My least favorite cover (Croatia)

the thousandth floor (croatia).jpg

I honestly probably wouldn’t pick this book up if I saw it in a bookstore (hey, don’t act like you don’t judge books by their covers). The tacky font and jarring yellow background makes this cover pretty forgettable. I think this cover is lacking the effortless pizzazz of the original.


What did you think of my picks? Also, what was the first book you read this year? Did you like it? What about its cover 😂?

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