Book Traveling Thursdays: A Book that Deals with First Love

Book Traveling Thursday is weekly meme where you pick a book that fits the theme chosen by the Goodread’s group. Then, you share its different book covers from around the world according to several categories.

In light of the upcoming holiday dedicated all to ♫ looove ♫, aka Valentine’s Day (aka Single Awareness Day), the theme for this week is a book that deals with first love. I chose the book The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne. It’s not exclusively about first love, but there is a first love aspect (Goodreads).

The original, my country’s (USA), and my favorite cover


I could actually only  find two different covers for this book. This was the better one, in my opinion. I like the ombre effect of the colors and that the text is easy to read.

My least favorite cover

the wrong side of right (paperback).jpg

This is the cover of the paperback version of the book published by Speak. It’s not too bad compared to the other cover. My only “problem” with this cover is that it emphasizes the romantic relationship in the story by placing the couple on the front. I worry that it might put people off reading this book out of fear that it’s another cliche, contemporary romance when in actuality, the main character deals with very real and unique problems.


What did you think of my picks? Also, do you know any good books about first love?

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