Blogging vs. Vlogging // Why I Chose A Blog Over Booktube

There are countless of posts in book blogosphere discussing the advantages and disadvantages of having a book blog, Booktube, or Bookstagram. I find these posts interesting and have fun reading why people favor book blogging over the other platforms.

In this post, I would like to focus on blogging vs. vlogging and why I chose to have a blog over Booktube. 

You’ve Probably Never Read My About Page

If you ever venture to my about page, you’ll see that my two reasons for creating a blog are to:

1. Challenge myself to reflect upon the books I read and form my own opinions about them.

2. Share and discuss bookish things.

They’re both very general objectives that can be achieved by having either a blog or a Booktube. So, it would be more fitting if I added a third goal:

3. Improve my written communication.

It’s clear to see that I don’t have an advanced vocabulary or know how to poetically weave together complex sentences. My writing level is high school at most, and I’m okay with that for now. (Look at all those contractions, dude! I don’t have time to write out all those words!) I’m more concerned about being able to effectively deliver my thoughts to an audience in a way that’s coherent and somewhat compelling with relative 🌬️ease. Who knows—hopefully, as my posts progress, I’ll learn how to sprinkle ✨sparkly✨ words into grown-up sentences (and how to use the damn comma properly).

Stranger Danger

The biggest reason why most people veer away from Booktube, and one that I completely relate to, is they don’t want to display their face on camera. I think it’s fair to say that the majority of book bloggers are more private when it comes to sharing their face on the internet. In my case, I have two pictures of myself up on my blog, and that’s enough. It’s significantly less intruding than having multiple, five minute videos with my face on the internet.

I’m An Awkward Person

Creating videos presents two unique problems relating to the fact that I’d have to speak aloud.

Problem 1: Speaking aloud means people can hear me. (No shit, Sherlock.)

This is a problem because I live in a small space with people who aren’t aware of my internet persona, and I don’t plan on telling them about my blog anytime soon. It would be difficult to find the time to film videos when they aren’t around.

Problem 2: My verbal communication isn’t exactly stellar either. (How to communicate with humans?)

I know I could always edit out the awkward pauses in my speech or excessive use of filler words in my videos, but that’s all post production. With blog posts, I can edit as I type. I can change words here and there (thank you,, rearrange sentences, and remove whole paragraphs. As far as I’m concerned, I can’t do that while I’m talking.

Youtube Comments Scare Me

The online book community is a friendly bunch in general, but I think that the blogging(…) neighborhood (what’s another word for “community”?) is a bit more forgiving than than the Youtube(…) gang (, you have failed me!) in terms of comments. I may be making a generalization, but it seems that the Youtube comment section is a beacon for trolls to leave nasty comments.


In the end, having a blog is the most appropriate mode for me to share my love of books online. I know my posts haven’t been consistent and they’re not that unique, but I still enjoy creating them.

Maybe one day when I live alone, feel comfortable with sharing full videos with my face online, want to practice my verbal communication along with my written, and muster up the courage to face the Youtube trolls, I’ll start vlogging.

For now, I’m content with my little blog.


Thanks for reading 😊! Let’s continue this discussion in the comments! What’s your favorite platform for sharing your book love and why? What did you think of my reasons for choosing a book blog over Booktube?
Side note: I finally have a good, three week break from school right now, so I’m trying to crank out some posts while I can (and practice that written communication, amirite?!) I’ve hoarded some post ideas these past three months, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with. I think I might write about what it’s like being Mixed next since it has created some unique experiences. We shall see…

6 thoughts on “Blogging vs. Vlogging // Why I Chose A Blog Over Booktube

  1. What a lovely post Belle ♥️ I TOTALLY related to ALL of your reasons for a blog rather than vlogging career… while the topics may be the same (we are talking books here!) I do think each blogger brings their special flavor to whatever they right… it might not be the most popular but it’s who they are and that sets whatever you write apart from everyone else. So keep up the communicating, it’s working! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I relate to what you say here about Booktube, I decided to start my blog as a means to fight stress (Funny because blogging can be so stressful at times) and getting to know other readers like me and discuss bookish things…. I really enjoy watching Booktube videos but I know it’s not for me at all… I’m an introvert as shy as heck so big NO to a camera on my face…. which makes me worry a bit when I read how much you need it to make your blog grow and things like that…For now I’m just going with the flow here…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you can relate!
      You’re right. It’s fun watching other people’s Booktube videos, but it’s not for everyone. Plenty of people have been able to grow their blogs without a Booktube though. I think part of it is going with the flow, but it’s also good to good to go out of your way to interact with other readers. We all just want to discuss bookish things in the end 🙂.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I totally relate!! I chose blogging because I am a wayy more private person and I hate filming myself. I would cringe watching older videos so bad lol.
    Also English isn’t my first language and I think it would be so so akward for my parents to hear me talking in english alone in my room for some reason 😂. Booktube isn’t for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you can relate!
      Those are good points. I think watching old videos of yourself is more cringey than just reading an old post. And hahaha, yeah, your parents might worry about you 😂.

      Liked by 1 person

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