Attempting My First, Personal Read-a-thon

It’s 6:30 p.m. on October 27, 2017, marking the beginning of my first attempt at a personal read-a-thon.

This endeavor was inspired by Reagan from PeruseProject‘s video in which she has her own 24-hour read-a-thon to make up for all the read-a-thons she missed.

Since this is my first time trying anything like this, I’m just going to see how much I can read and collect some baseline data. I’m a slow reader, so I’m expecting to read about 500 pages. I’ll make actual concrete plans of action and goals for future read-a-thons I do. 

My TBR for this endeavor includes three books:

  1. I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella – I’ve been reading this book for almost two weeks now, and I’m more than halfway finished with it. It’s about this soon-to-be-married woman, Poppy, who finds an abandoned phone in a bin. She decides to use it since hers was just stolen, and she needs a contact number in case someone finds her lost wedding ring. The phone, however, belonged to the personal assistant of a CEO, Sam, and now he wants it back. Poppy is able to convince Sam to let her use the phone until she finds her ring on the condition that she’ll forward every message for him. Things start to get messy when Poppy starts reading Sam’s messages and meddling in his business. I’m enjoying the book so far, but I’d really like to just finish it since I’m sooo close.
  2. Calamity by Brandon Sanderson – I’ve been reading this book since September. September! It’s absolute madness because the book isn’t even bad. This is the final book in The Reckoners series. The series follows a group of people called The Reckoners who have made it their mission to kill as many Epics as possible. Epics are people who developed superhuman powers when Calamity, a massive red orb of light, rose in the sky. Since Calamity, Epics have successfully ruined society and terrorized helpless people into becoming second class citizens. The Reckoners are doing the impossible job everyone is afraid to do.
  3. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson – Yes, another Sanderson book. I chose this book because I’m going to be Vin for Halloween and wanted to refresh my knowledge of the world. This is the first book in the first trilogy of Mistborn books. A group of thieves formulate a crazy plan to steal from their oppressive emperor of over 1000 years. Their only saving grace is that their group consists of skilled allomancers, people who can ingest specific metals and “burn” them in order to gain certain powers such strength or enhanced senses. I’ll actually be starting with book because I want to finish it before Halloween. I don’t usually re-read books, so this will be interesting.

And with that, let’s begin.

6:49 PM

Oh my. I’ve forgotten how much I love Kelsier 😭😭😭.

8:51 PM

I’m almost an hour and a half into this shin-dig and I’ve only managed to read about 10% of the book. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a slow reader. Anyhow, I’m going to take a quick bladder break and get back at this book.

Also, I was kinda worried that I would regret reading this book, but it’s sooo worth the time.

12:17 AM

Well, that was a complete fail.

After my bladder break, I got the sudden urge to strum the guitar, so I did. But then, I thought, “Hey, you know what would be a great thing to do right now, Belle… let’s learn ALL the songs on guitar!” I proceeded to strum away until around 10 PM when I had another great idea to eat Korean barbecue (KBBQ). Right then. At 10’o clock. At night. Now, I’m home and staring at the clock, slightly regretting all of the kimchi and ramyeon.

Gotta. Keep. Reading. Ueghh.

(ー_ー﹡; ) sleep is good for you.
(ー_ー﹡; ) try to get 7-9 hrs of sleep every night.
(ー_ー﹡; ) this is my bedtime cutscene.

October 28, 2017

 1:43 PM

I just finished I’ve Got Your Number and I will say it’s one of the more enjoyable Romance books I’ve read lately. I could really picture every scene playing out like a Rom-Com.

I had a late start this morning—I didn’t wake up until 11:30 AM. To be fair, I didn’t sleep until close to 2 AM because I was reading The Final Empire. It’s definitely one of those books you have to finish in one sitting. I’m going to take a quick break to freshen up because I’ve been sitting in my filth and then will my brain to process words faster.

5:35 PM

Sooo, I took a nap. It was inevitable. I always get tired after eating lunch and then I start thinking, “The Spanish are really onto something with their siestas,” and, “hey, maybe I should have a siesta.” So, yeah. Nap.

But, fear not! I was still able to read 75 pages of Calamity! I’ve switched back to The Final Empire though because I really want to get to the part where Elend and Vin meet for the first time. I’ve also realized that although The Reckoners has a good story—and I know there’s gonna be some Sanderson twist that melts my eyeballs—I just don’t care for the characters as much in the series than I do about the ones in the Mistborn trilogy.

Okay, back to “speed” reading.

6:35 PM

We have reached the end.

I was able to read 75 pages of Calamity, 123 pages of The Final Empire, and 174 pages of I’ve Got Your Number for a total of… 372 pages! (Yikes.)

To be honest, I didn’t feel like this was much of read-a-thon. It was more like a sleep-a-thon.

Going forward, I’ll try to implement the following parameters in my next, self-made read-a-thon:

  • Create a challenging but attainable “pages-to-read” goal based on how much I read today.
  • Not sleep as much and go on impromptu KBBQ runs.
  • Update the read-a-thon post more frequently and share more about my thoughts on the books.
  • Maybe add some pictures to spice things up? Maybe of the books and my environment?
  • Shorten the TBR portion. Wow, that thing is long. *whistles*

I don’t think this first attempt was a complete fail. I was able to learn a few things that make me more excited for next read-a-thon.

Until next time!


Thanks for reading! Have you participated in a read-a-thon before? What was it like? What do you think of my first attempt at it?

5 thoughts on “Attempting My First, Personal Read-a-thon

  1. Oh wow, here’s to a first time read-a-thon! I think you should be proud to even give it a try. I completely understand you about the sleeping and KBBQ runs (who can resist K-food, esp KBBQ!!!). I can’t even contemplate what it would be like for me going in. For one, someone would definitely interrupt me about food or whatnot, haha! Thanks for sharing your progress 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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