My 2017 Halloween Costume: Vin from Mistborn

Happy Halloween!

Today, I got to pretend I was Vin from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. It was the most excited I’ve ever been about a costume. I re-read the first book in the series, The Final Empire, just so that I get into Vin’s mindset and browsed several Mistborn fansites to refresh my knowledge of the world.

I did my work like a diligent kandra.  

Making the Costume

img_1328.pngOne of the best things about being Vin is that there was a lot of freedom in making the costume. There are only a few illustrations of her on older book covers and, besides the mistcloak, the rest of her attire was pretty nondescript in the books. Using my resourcefulness, I think I was able successfully mesh what I already had in my closet (except for the mistcloak and red belt) to create my costume. That being said, my one regret is my mistcloak.

I bought the two pieces of cloth for my mistcloak and belt for only $3.50, and although I pride myself in being frugal, I wish I spent the extra one or two dollars on some damn ribbon. In my defense (against myself), I made the mistcloak before re-reading the book and realizing how flowy and extensive the cloak should be. So, it’s not too shabby for something coming from my memory (and 3 bucks).


Making the mistcloak was very easy.

I draped the cloth over my shoulder and put a pin where I wanted the ribbon-like part of the cloak to start. Then, I laid the cloth out on my bedroom floor.

fig. C

Using the first pin as a guide, I continued to pin a straight line across the material (fig. A)(To be honest, I could’ve gotten away without doing this step, but it made feel like a true DIYer so let’s just go with it.) All that was left to do after that was to cut a bunch of strips, about 1-inch wide, from the bottom of the cloth to the boundary I created with the pins (fig. B). This part took about 45 minutes since I was working slow and taking many *Cheetos breaks. I even became Cheetos Scissorhands at one point (fig. C).

Every allowmancer needs their vials of metals, so I took some unused blood specimen tubes from my brother (fig. D) and painted them with random yellows, greens, and browns (fig. E)(Don’t worry, they were totally clean. I don’t want hepatitis.)

It didn’t matter that it looked like I smeared feces on the tubes (sorry, that was gross) because they were hidden by my belt when I wore my costume.

*Not sponsored by Cheetos, although that would be awesome.

Impersonating Vin (And/Or Being A Kandra?)

Here’s how the whole costume turned out:

23115104_1505278286231809_1585620777_n (1).jpg

Like I mentioned before, you can’t see the vials. It’s also hard to see the coin pouch I tied to my belt strap and the black, vest-like details on the shirt I was wearing in the pictures. I also still seriously wish my cloak had more oomph, and I maybe had a glass dagger or two. This costume is a product of my miserly tendencies.

In the end, no one knew who I was.

It was okay though because I had fun swishing my mistcloak around and pretending to be a protagonist 🌈.


Thanks for reading! How your Halloween? I didn’t do much on Halloween except binge watch all of Stranger Things 2 with my friends.
Did you dress up for Halloween? Have you seen Stranger Things 2? Let me know 😊.

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