3 Movies To Watch This May // rapid fire recommendations for asian and pacific islander heritage month

I am in no capacity a movie buff.

Truly, the only reason I can’t count the number of movies I’ve watched this month on one hand is because the number is zero 😅. But, I’m not letting that stop me from recommending a meager number of three movies that you should watch before May ends!

(They’re perfect for celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 😏!)

bad genius (2017)

In Bad Genius, an erudite teenager on scholarship at a prestigious school is offered a gross amount of money by rich, desperate classmates to help them cheat on exams. The main character gradually loses a grasp on her situation as the plans for cheating during testing become more convoluted in order to shake off the faculty’s suspicions of her schemes.

If you like cunning leads who know how to capitalize on what they’re dealt, then this movie based on true events is for you. Watching this movie is a lot like watching or reading your favorite piece of heist fiction where the audience sees all the plans laid out first and must sit back, hoping for the best, as the stakes become higher and higher. This movie had me sinking in my seat and covering my eyes when I watched it, and the stress in the theater was palpable.

veer-zaara (2004)

Flipping between the present and past, Veer Zaara recounts the love story of two star-crossed lovers, an Indian pilot and a Pakistani girl, whose romance is troubled by their family and political tensions between their two countries. Throughout the movie, the audience wonders what went so dreadfully wrong in the past for the male lead to end up in a Pakistani prison in the present.

While he’s no movie buff either, my brother dubs this movie as “one of the best modern romances”. It has everything: a duo with fantastic chemistry, commentary on greater issues, and a soundtrack so good that my dad never feels the need to fast-forward through all the singing scenes 😂.

This song from the movie is one of my favorite songs ever 😭:

everyday i love you (2015)

After a rising TV show producer runs into a girl who strikes him with her star potential, he offers her a job to be the host of the new TV show he needs to progress his career. The girl reluctantly agrees to do the job, revealing that she’s only accepting the offer because she is waiting for her boyfriend to come out of his coma. The deal is set, but not without unintended consequences as the duo starts slowly falling in love.

I went through an extremely brief Filipino movie binge last year, and Everyday I Love You was one of the movies I watched then. It starred two of the Philippine’s most famous actors, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, and although I know some people have their qualms with them, I personally enjoyed the two movies I had seen with the couple 😅. Notwithstanding the grey-area cheating 😕, Everyday In Love was a heartfelt and entertaining movie.

Thanks for reading! Have you watched any of these movies? Would you want to if you haven’t? What are some of your favorite Asian movies? Let me know 🙂.

I hope you’re all doing well!

(I’m slowly dragging myself out of a completely self-induced blogging slump 😅. Peep this super short post 👀.)

23 thoughts on “3 Movies To Watch This May // rapid fire recommendations for asian and pacific islander heritage month

  1. This was so fun to read and I loved it !! I really like movies but sadly I have only watched the big ones that I know of so I am a very basic movie lover!! But I love hearing about new movies and Bad Genius sounds like something I am going to love because it sound intriguing and why oh why do I love movies set in school (I didn’t even like school but I love movies set there). But I’m definitely excited to watch it and I had never heard of it before so thank you !! ❤
    I definitely want to check out the other two as well . It is always nice to have a romance and although they sound different I think I will like them both !!
    Thank you for sharing this list !! I'm excited !! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Sophie!! Yes, I totally get that! *Very basic movie lover* is how I would describe myself too 😅. Hahaha Bad Genuis is so so good! It’s a good mix of typical high school drama, rich people drama, and action 😂. Wooo, I hope you like it! I’m really curious to hear what you think of it! The other two are definitely worth the watch too 😄. I’m so glad this makes you excited haha—thanks for reading this Sophie 💛!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi again!! So I watched Bad Genius and I realllyyy enjoyed it. It was such a great school setting and so intense, I was captivated the whole time and honestly I loved it !! The ending surprised me actually but sooo good. Thank you for the recommendation !! 💛

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      2. Hello!! YESSS, this is so awesome – I’m so glad you liked it 😄!! I had to look up how it ended because I totally forgot hahaha, but the plot twist really surprised me too! Thanks for giving it a watch and getting back to me haha 😄💛.

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    1. They’re so worth watching! Everyday I Love You might be a good one to start with because the dialogue is a mix of English and Filipino (although it’s definitely still more Filipino haha) 🙂. I really hope you like them – thank you for reading this 😄💕!


  2. Omg, same here. I *suck* at watching movies lmao, Asian or not. (But I don’t suck at watching Asian dramas 😏) I’m surprised that I’ve already watched a movie on this list, actually! I watched Bad Genius a while ago when it was just released, and you’re right—it was really intense. I really like how they were able to make something as boring as taking tests exciting 😂 And Crash Landing on You made me a sucker for the star-crossed lovers trope, so I’ll have to check out Veer-Zaara! Ahhh, I live in the Philippines, but I’ve never heard of Everyday I Love You lmao. I really suck at watching Filipino movies 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    One of my favorite Asian movies is a Korean movie called A Werewolf Boy!! It’s so freakin’ good, Belle!!! You can watch it for free on a site called Kissasian 🥺 At first, I thought that it was just a cheesy paranormal love story, but it’s so much more than that. The ending made me cry, and A Werewolf Boy is actually the first piece of media I shed tears over :””)

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    1. Hahaha 😂 yess! Honestly, I think it’s a bit more impressive if someone can binge a ton of dramas rather than watch a lot of movies 🤭. I mean, that’s endurance 😂. Bad Genuis /was/ so intense – HAHA it really was all about tests though 😂. Idk if it helps the Asian getting good grades stereotype 🙈. Oh my gosh, I still need to watch Crash Landing On You, but, yes, you should definitely watch Veer-Zaara! It was really popular in India apparently! I’d love to hear what you think of it! Hahaha you’re good, I lived in the Philippines for a hot minute, and I literally never watched any Filipino movies while I was there 😬. (I did watch Bad Genuis though 😅!)
      Oooo, okay! I might just watch A Werewolf Boy this weekend – I need to see this thing that made you cry!! Paranormal love stories are always so interesting, and I love a free movie 😄.

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  3. I haven’t watched any of these yet!! Which only makes me want to watch them more after reading your post 🙂 thanks for the recs!

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  4. Ohhh thank you so much for this post and the lovely recommendations! Everyday I Love You sounds like a great one, I’ll have to keep it in mind, thank you!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, your sister has your best interest in mind – the movie is really that good 😂!! (Also, sorry for such a late reply! I just saw this comment right now 🤦🏻‍♀️.)


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