Blackout Buddy Read // plus some links and resources

“It is essential to resist depiction of history as the work of heroic individuals in order for people today to recognize their potential agency as a part of an ever-expanding community of struggle.” – Angela Davis, Freedom Is A Constant Struggle

Shae from Books With Shae is hosting the Blackout Buddy Read from June 5 to June 19.

Here’s the announcement video: []

continue to…

Find a protest near you

George Floyd Protests |

There are so many protests happening everywhere – please be safe with stricter policing and the curfews. There are useful tips for if you’re going out to protest in the links below.

Donate, sign petitions, contact your representatives, and *learn more

Ways You Can Help |

A Guide to Anti-Racist Resources | #blacklivesmatter #sayhisname |


#blacklivesmatter Google doc |

Also, check how many and what type of policies your city has enacted in response to current events, and hold them accountable. Resistbot makes it even easier for you to identify and compose messages to your representatives when you need to contact them.

Support Black creators (now and always):

Black Bookish Content Creators |

Black Booktubers Playlist |

Please read about the recently revised Anti-terrorism bill in the Philippines and the Lumad

In this Carrd, compiled are the links you can check out to know more about current issues, like the Terror Bill, BLM movement, and save Lumad schools movement. |

The Philippines’ Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020: Five things to know |

The actual bill if you would like to read it for yourself |

Share info + please Talk (and keep talking) with family, friends, and the miscellaneous people in your life.

* This isn’t specifically about BLM, but I think it is relevant. The documentary Requiem for the American Dream is available for free on Youtube, and it’s only an hour long (or 30 min if you double speed it!!). It’s about how the wealthy have limited democracy in the USA since its conception and ways they continue to do so.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on it if you watch it or have watched it!

Thanks for reading this! Will you be participating in Blackout Buddy Read? Have you read the two books already? Or seen Requiem for the American Dream?

Please continue to listen and act in any way you can – take care!


9 thoughts on “Blackout Buddy Read // plus some links and resources

    1. Thank you, Princess 🙂! And same to you! I haven’t blogged/read any blogs in a good month, so definitely expect me reading your older posts later haha 😅. I hope you’re well too 💛.

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    1. I’m glad they could be helpful, Lashaan! Duterte’s whole War on Drugs and law and order stance is quite concerning. I think it really speaks to how tired and distrustful Filipinos are of their government that someone like Duterte is considered the best president in years to a good number of them 😕.

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