My March 2018

March was quite the eventful month for me.

Now, I’m not using that as an excuse as to why I’ve been absent for over a month because I’ve definitely had plenty of spare time to create posts. I actually tried, on multiple occasions, to write book reviews (because at least I’ve still been reading!), but I just wasn’t feeling it.

It’s been over a year since my last monthly recap, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone by (1) bringing back the monthly recaps to (2) end my hiatus. So, March:  Continue reading “My March 2018”


My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

I’m late! I’m late!

im late!.jpg
if this looks wonky it’s because i drew it. i am artist.

I bet you’re excited to see yet another post about new years resolutions. *Cough*

Hey, I actually enjoy reading these posts because they ✨inspire✨ me to actually 🌠aspire 🌠 (those words rhymed. I am poet.). I also feel a sense of accountability whenever I make these posts. When I inevitably begin to regress later in the year, I’ll be reminded of this post and everyone who saw it. I’ll be forced to pull myself together because I told you all about my goals and want to have something to show for 💪.

Just like last year, my 2018 resolutions will be kept very general. It’s less stressful and works better for me than making specific goals. In 2018, I want to:  Continue reading “My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions”

12 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Do Work

R.I.P. my three week break from school. 

I’ve already gone through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Tomorrow, I have to re-immerse myself into society and trick people into thinking I’m a functional student. I enjoyed my break, but I didn’t do nearly as much work as I usually do during the school year. I have to switch gears, focus on school, and re-motivate myself to get work done.

I shared what I do when I feel unmotivated on Tumblr, but I thought I would transfer it as a blog post (and slightly modify it) to help any of you who need it. Here’s to two more months of school until I can finally go home (and cry) 🥂:   Continue reading “12 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Do Work”

My 2017 Halloween Costume: Vin from Mistborn

Happy Halloween!

Today, I got to pretend I was Vin from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. It was the most excited I’ve ever been about a costume. I re-read the first book in the series, The Final Empire, just so that I get into Vin’s mindset and browsed several Mistborn fansites to refresh my knowledge of the world.

I did my work like a diligent kandra.   Continue reading “My 2017 Halloween Costume: Vin from Mistborn”

Being Mixed

What does it mean to be “Mixed“?

According to Wikipedia (What’s that I hear? Oh, it’s just all of my K-12 teachers scolding me for using Wikipedia as a source. Whoops.)Mixed is an ethnicity category referring to people of two or more different races or ethnic backgrounds. 

I’ve heard people say that it’s a derogatory term—some go as far as to say it’s a slur—but as a Mixed person myself, I personally don’t take any offense to it. Perhaps it’s because I grew up privileged, living in a diverse neighborhood where racism was rare and never tolerated. Or, maybe it’s because I feel a sense of pride in being able to claim that I was lovingly raised by two people of different backgrounds and cultures. Whatever the reason, I’m not too keen on discussing the politics of the most appropriate term to call… me.

Instead, in this post, I want to share what it’s like coming from multiple ethnic backgrounds and what unique™ experiences have occurred in my life as a result. 

~ Belle Can Read will resume its (ir)regularly scheduled (hah!) book-related content after this post. ~

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Reverse Culture Shock

Most of us are familiar with the term culture shock. Google defines it as the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.

IMG_0880.JPGI moved across the world to *UniLand for college about two years ago, and I still experience culture shock to this day. The shock ranges from the simple amazement of the different foods people in UniLand eat to being thrown off-guard when someone questions me on something that is considered a taboo topic in the place I originated from (California). Culture shock is something people told me about and I expected I would experience when I went abroad. However, no one ever mentioned reverse culture shock, or the feeling of disorientation upon returning home after spending months or years abroad.

*For my privacy, I’ve decided to call the country I’m studying in Uniland (university + land)—such a creative name, I know.

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My February 2017

February went by quickly for me. I feel like I did a lot even though I fell into a deep book and blogging slump that I’m still desperately trying to escape. I haven’t published a post or read a book in almost a month 😬.  Continue reading “My February 2017”