Remembering the Ravensbrück Rabbits in Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

The Holocaust is one of the most notorious and tragic human rights violations recorded in history. Approximately 6 million Jews were murdered and another 17 million people were victimized including Soviets, Non-Jewish Polish civilians, Serbs, people with disabilities, Romas, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Many pieces of literature recounting the horrors of the Holocaust exist, but many stories will remain unheard and many more untold due to the massive impact of the incident on Europe during WWII. There is a need to remember these stories more than ever as we live in a world where the disappointing reality is that Neo-Nazis actually exist and are even permitted to protest.

Seeing as January 27 marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I thought I’d share a little bit about a story I recently finished that was set during that time: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.  Continue reading “Remembering the Ravensbrück Rabbits in Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly”


My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

I’m late! I’m late!

im late!.jpg
if this looks wonky it’s because i drew it. i am artist.

I bet you’re excited to see yet another post about new years resolutions. *Cough*

Hey, I actually enjoy reading these posts because they ✨inspire✨ me to actually 🌠aspire 🌠 (those words rhymed. I am poet.). I also feel a sense of accountability whenever I make these posts. When I inevitably begin to regress later in the year, I’ll be reminded of this post and everyone who saw it. I’ll be forced to pull myself together because I told you all about my goals and want to have something to show for 💪.

Just like last year, my 2018 resolutions will be kept very general. It’s less stressful and works better for me than making specific goals. In 2018, I want to:  Continue reading “My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions”

My Favorite Books of 2017 (Part Two)

Happy New Year!

This post is a year late, but when have I ever been good at keeping to my schedules?

Never. The answer is never.

It’s too bad though because I had plenty of holiday-slash-end-of-the-year-themed posts that I never got the chance to make. I had to at least crank out this post though since My Favorite Books of 2017 (Part One) post is floating in the cybernet already (so lonely, so cold).

I completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge by reading fifty-two books, two more than the fifty I pledged (wowow. what an over-achiever.). Here are the books from the second half of 2017 that stuck out to me:  Continue reading “My Favorite Books of 2017 (Part Two)”

Why I Struggle to Complete Reading Challenges

At the beginning of 2017, I set out to complete four reading challenges and failed four reading challenges.

Reading Challenges One. Belle Zero.

*Take a shot every time  “reading challenge(s)” is mentioned in this post.

I set myself up for failure, and here’s why:

Continue reading “Why I Struggle to Complete Reading Challenges”

Dear Authors, Please Write More About… (Part 1)

Welcome to a new series I’m starting called Dear Authors, Please Write More About…!

There are certain topics, tropes, and types of characters that make me gravitate towards a book. In this series, I’ll share those items with you all in hopes that an author will come across these posts and answer my pleas for more books about those thingsHere’s to screaming into the void (because let’s be real, this series is futile.): Continue reading “Dear Authors, Please Write More About… (Part 1)”

Book Review: The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

the upside of unrequited.jpgTitle: The Upside of Unrequited

Author: Becky Albertalli

Published: April 11, 2017

Pages: 336

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Amazon / Barnes & NoblesGoodreads


I was never interested enough to pick up Becky Albertalli’s book, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, when it was front and center in every book store I visited two years ago. When I was perusing the nominees for Best Young Adult Fiction in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2017, I came across yet another one of Alberatelli’s books and decided to give the author a chance.  Continue reading “Book Review: The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli”

How to Be a Minimalist AND a Bookworm

One of my other interests, asides from books, is minimalism.

Minimalism is more than a white, bare room aesthetic; it’s a way of thinking and intentionally living, and I find that very appealing. There’s no right way to be a minimalist (or a bookworm, for that matter). To me, intentionally living as a bookworm means keeping the amount of books I own to a minimum by rarely purchasing physical books and getting rid of those of no value to me. Being a bookworm, it’s easy to get carried away with buying books and adding to the seemingly never-ending TBR pile. So, while my virtual TBR is always growing on Goodreads, I don’t have an actual pile of books in my home making me guilty or anxious about all the books I have to read.  Continue reading “How to Be a Minimalist AND a Bookworm”