My Minimalist Bookshelf Tour // a brief history of the eleven books I own + my 100th post!

Look at me trying to do a bookshelf tour when I don’t even have a bookshelf 😅🤦‍♀️.

Kay at Hammock of Books recently made a post revealing her minimal collection of YA books. I loved how conscious she was about the amount of books she was keeping, especially since consumerism in the bookish community is more prevalent with the popularity of book hauls and bookstagram. The neat thing about having such few books is that Kay was able to remember exactly where and when she got them—and how much she spent!

I was inspired to show my own book collection and even more curious to see how much I remembered the history of the books on my *“shelf”.

*It’s truly just a drawer I shove miscellaneous items in, including my books lol.

That being said, I thought I only had six or seven books, but was surprised to find that I actually own eleven! It’s a little alarming considering I’m not actively buying books anymore. However after a little investigation, I deemed that all the books have a place on my “bookshelf” for one reason or another.

Enough meandering, here are the eleven books I own:

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How to Be a Minimalist AND a Bookworm

One of my other interests, asides from books, is minimalism.

Minimalism is more than a white, bare room aesthetic; it’s a way of thinking and intentionally living, and I find that very appealing. There’s no right way to be a minimalist (or a bookworm, for that matter). To me, intentionally living as a bookworm means keeping the amount of books I own to a minimum by rarely purchasing physical books and getting rid of those of no value to me. Being a bookworm, it’s easy to get carried away with buying books and adding to the seemingly never-ending TBR pile. So, while my virtual TBR is always growing on Goodreads, I don’t have an actual pile of books in my home making me guilty or anxious about all the books I have to read. 

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