5 Books I’m Thankful For

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving 😄!

Every book I read is a unique experience. Some of these experiences are memorable for being enlightening and many simply from the joy and comfort they brought to me. There are so many books I’m thankful for, but I managed to pick out only five for this week’s *Top 5 Wednesday:  Continue reading “5 Books I’m Thankful For”


5 of my Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

Science fiction and fantasy are two of my favorite genres to read, and I’ve been able to read a handful of fantastic books from both categories. That being said, it took me a while to decide on just these five books for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday: Continue reading “5 of my Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy Books”

5 of my Favorite Underrated Books

I find it easy to get caught up in reading all the newly released or renowned books. But, a lot of times, a book’s popularity is not proportionate to how much I enjoyed it. There are a lot of lesser known/talked about books I adored, so here are five of my favorite underrated books that deserve more attention: 
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5 Characters I Would Invite to my New Year’s Eve Party

Let me just put this out there: my hypothetical New Year’s Eve party would ideally be the mellowest get together ever. Picture people playing board games on a living room floor, the Times Square ball drop broadcasting on the TV. (So, basically what I do every year except with people ten times cooler than me.) But as I chose the characters I would invite to the party, I realized that there was no way that it could be mellow. Here are five seven characters I would invite to my New Year’s Eve party:

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5 Books I Finally Want to Read in 2017

Sometimes my procrastination gets so severe that I put off reading books that I actually want to read. One of my resolutions (for next year, of course) is to end this awful habit. Here are five books that I finally want to read in 2017:

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